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    The highest range of our solid fuel boilers is ATTACK Wood & Pellet from the 9000 series. It has won several awards at exhibitions. Ecological combined boiler for wood and pellets with excellent efficiency, low operating costs and comfort similar to a gas boiler.Get Price

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    wood boiler. NEO-HV & NANO-PK. Power: 4.5 kW - 60 kW. Height: 1,665, 1,350, 1,550, 1,730 mm. Water heater capacity: 137, 24, 166 l. experience in biomass-heating brings new dimensions of technological advantages for the new combi boiler - Wood-Log / Pellet Maximum comfort is required for wood-log boilers, like Get Price

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    Pellet boiler | Maximum comfort from heating | ATTACK Pellet 30 Automatic plus has a minimal impact on the environment. It uses pellets as a renewable fuel source. Pellets offer a high calorific value and are an environmentally friendly fuel, their combustionGet Price

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    When deciding about heating with solid fuel, take care of the proper care of the boiler and good storage of wood, ie its moisture. For wood it is reccomnended the moisture 10-20%, for pellets and briquettes it is 10-12%. This will ensure the correct fuel and a long service life. The solid fuel boiler can be an ecological source of heating with Get Price

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    Fröling boilers. ETA is a leading Austrian manufacturer which makes over 10,000 wood fuelled boilers each year. Dunster has had a long-standing partnership with ETA due to their great workmanship and proven reliability of their products. We supply ETA's full range of wood chip, pellet and log boilers from 7kW to 1mW.Get Price

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    The ATTACK Pellet 30 Automatic Plus boiler can be delivered with pellet container of 450 l volume (dimesions: 1.024 x 705 x 830 mm). The „big-bag" – the external textile tank can be used as an alternative. The ATTACK Pellet Automatic Plus boiler is equipped with automatic system for ash removing into detachable box.Get Price

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    Pellet boiler | Maximum comfort from heating | ATTACK PELLET 30 - Heating | Condensing Boilers | Gas Boilers Viessmann Gas Boilers – Vitoligno 300C. Floor-standing, fully automatic wood pellet boiler. Rated input: 44 to 193 MBH. Fully automatic pellet boiler Get Price

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    Boiler For The Wine Industry Through the analysis of the brewing industry, We provide the best solution for the fermentation industry, with better energy saving and emission reduction and better fuel adaptability. Fermentation and distillation are the two major uses of Get Price

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    Wood gasifying boiler ATTACK SLX. The wood gasifying boilers ATTACK SLX are intended for economical and ecological heating of dwelling houses, cottages, small plants, work rooms and similar objects. Prescribed fuel for SPX boilers is dry wood. The volume of the SLX boiler´s feeding chamber is unique and ensures longer burning on fuel load.Get Price

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    Pellet boiler | Maximum comfort from heating | ATTACK PELLET 30Get Price

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    The compact pellet heating system Froling PE1 Pellet is available up to 35 kW and is ideal for low-energy & passive houses! Occupying just 0.38 m² of space, the PE1 Pellet boiler sets new standards. The new PE1 Pellet stands out for it's quiet operation and Get Price

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    Pellet 30 Automatic plus is a fully automatic pellet boiler with a 4.5 " SMART touch screen, which has won a number of awards at exhibitions. It has a simple control in which the burning and cleaning takes place automatically. The pellet boiler offers the comfort of a gas boiler in places where gas is not available.Get Price

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    2017/11/6 · While installing a pellet boiler didn't eliminate Schaefer's heating costs, it has resulted in a protection against the roller coaster ride that heating oil dependency created for the operation. Now, Schaefer's Gardens is able to capitalize on whichever fuel is …Get Price

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    Pellet boiler | Maximum comfort from heating | ATTACK PELLET 30Get Price

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    The HERZ product range is a one-stop shop for: wood gasification boilers up to 40 kW, pellet plants and wood chip plants up to 1,500 kW (with cascade switching up to 4,500 kW), heat pumps up to 80 kW and buffer and hot water tanks. Its principal focus is on modern, cost-effective and environmentally friendly heating systems offering maximum Get Price

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    If you are looking for a boiler with low operating costs and comfort comparable with usage of a gas boiler, you have just found it. We are introducing you the ecological combined boiler ATTACK WOOD & PELLET, suitable for burning of several types of fuel, especially soft and hard wood, briquettes and pellets.Get Price

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    Pellet stoves and pellet boilers that will provide you with maximum warmth and comfort in an economical way. The pellet, is an ecological fuel oriented boilers or stoves, consisting of cylinders made by the understanding of shavings, chips and sawdust, which are remnants of pruning. Our entire range of pellet stoves (air, ducted air, water) and Get Price

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    The home comfort system of choice. More than 1.4 million times every year, a customer chooses one of our residential boilers. The trust they place in our products makes us work even harder to offer the highest quality possible. All boilers in our wide offering are made of the finest materials and in accordance with the highest industry standards.Get Price

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    Pellet boiler | Maximum comfort from heating | ATTACK PELLET 30Get Price

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    2021/7/19 · A radiant floor system powered by a boiler that produces 75,000 or 80,000 Btu per hour is overkill, what Theodore Bernstein would call an "atomic flyswatter.". The case for an expensive heating system built around a powerful boiler begins to collapse as the building enclosure becomes better insulated and air-sealed.Get Price

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    16/11/2020 · Pellet boiler with 12 kW, pellet boiler with 24 kW and biomass boiler with 32 kW and external hopper. We have to adapt the size of the pellet boiler to the dimensions of the heating volume: 12 kW until approx. 300 m3 (for 80 - 120 m2) with 60 kg internal pellet hopper + optional 250 kg. 15 kW until approx. 390 m3 (for 110 - 150 m2) with 60 kgGet Price

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    The ATTACK Pellet Burner Automatic will take care of reliable pellet burning in DPX Combi Pellet, SLX Combi Pellet, Wood & Pellet, Pellet 30 and FD Pellet boilers. Thanks to it you will also be able to enjoy the high comfort of fully automatic operation when burning pellets in these boilers such as grate cleaning, ignition, controlled start, or controlled combustion process.Get Price

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    Power: 20.3 kW Height: 700 mm Weight: 31 kg An articulated project based on an innovative product architecture and an extremely reliable technology that uses singletube stainless steel exchanger to give the user maximum comfort and energy saving. • HeatingGet Price

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    Pakume kvaliteetseid A- klassi tsirkulatsioonipumpasid. Meil on head hinnad, tule uuri lähemalt! Toggle navigation SHOP PELLET BOILER Pellet boiler Biopel Pellet boiler Black Star Comfort Pellet boiler Black Star Standard Pellet augerGet Price

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    Watch our video of a retrofitted boiler room with an existing oil burner replaced with Platinum Bio 16 kW pellet burner for 180 m² of heated area. PELLETS VACUUM (PNEUMATIC PELLET FEEDER) A virtually maintenance-free pneumatic device feeding pellet at a large distance from the storage area directly to the boiler including multiple sensors for a fully automatic operation.Get Price

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    Pellet boiler | Maximum comfort from heating | ATTACK PELLET 30Get Price