Facilities in TIDEL Park Coimbatore Ltd.

A. Site Parameters :

  • Land acquired by the TIDEL Park Coimbatore Ltd. is about 9.5 acres in IT-SEZ on Avinashi Road behind Coimbatore Medical College.

  • Site is approached by the 30m wide road from Avinashi Road (NH-47).

  • On the western side of the site, WIPRO campus is located and on the eastern side proposed TCS & HCL campus are located.

  • TNEB Sub-station, Residential Apartments, Telecom Towers are proposed in IT-SEZ.

B. Development

  • The building is designed with contemporary / state-of-the-art Design & Facilities and shall be IT Friendly, Multi-tenanted, Energy Efficient, Intelligent & Fire Safe Building, Work Friendly Ambience of Interior spaces, Self contained / Support Facilities such as Banks, Bookstalls, Health Clubs, Travels, Post Office, Food Court, Conference Hall, etc.
  • The IT building is G+ 4 structures with three basements with a floor to floor height of 3650mm. The total height of the building is 20.5m. above ground level.

  • Partial ground floor and the four floors (first to fourth) comprise office spaces. Commercial spaces are planned in Ground floor. Parking is proposed in three basements along with surface parking.

  • The total built-up area is 1.7 million sq.ft. including the three basements and utility buildings.

  • The total IT floor area is 914,000 Sq.ft. The area of typical floor is 202,665 sq.ft. The building is designed as three blocks and ten modules of office space per floor.

  • A service building houses Electrical, DG and Chiller plant, Driver's resting room, UG sump, STP and Diesel yard are proposed.

  • Intelligent Building Management Systems (IBMS)

C. Vehicle Parking & Traffic Flow

  • Ease of vehicular / Pedestrian circulation & emphasis on safety, Main Entry is planned at the
    SE corner and the Exit at the SW corner of the site.
  • Car parks (Open and Covered) of 1,124 including the surface parking & two wheeler parks of 2,899
    at ground floor and three basements are provided.

  • Loading/unloading bay and the garbage dumping yard is provided.

D. Facilities

  • The IT office space is designed with the smallest module 5,000 sq.ft. Hence the tenant has a flexibility of various modules ranging from 5,000 sq.ft. upto 200,000 sq.ft. in each floor.

  • Adequate toilets separately for Gents and Ladies are planned in each lobby and in each floor.

  • Adequate staircases are provided as per relevant codes for sprinklered buildings. Spaces as well as shafts for all Mechanical / Electrical Services.

  • The IT Building will have the following common facilities in the Ground Floor :

    l Cafeteria / Food Court with kitchen facilities with seating capacity of about 1,000 persons.
    2 Customer Conference Rooms (video conference) / Training Centre.
    3 Post Office, Medical Stores, Banks & Insurance.
    4 ATMs, Telephones, Meeting rooms, EPABX, Mail Box, Book store.
    5 Travel Desk, Mail & Courier Service, Cloak room, Doctor’s room & Fitness / health centre.
    6 Confidential Store, Bonded warehouse.
    7 24 x 7 - Maintenance staff / Facility manager.
    8 Usability Lab, Console room, Business Centre.
    9 Security & Fire prevention / Central Services.

  • The Basement has space for support facilities such as Engineering store and M/E services and common spaces for contract staff.

  • Drivers' rest room with canteen is provided.

E. Utilities

Electricity : Power supply by 5 Nos. x 2500 KVA Transformer from TNEB sub-station (110/33 KV)
DG : 100% backup power by 5 Nos. x 2000 KVA DG Sets.
ACMV : A/C plant with 4000 TR Chillers and Thermal Energy storage of 6000 TR.

F. Lifts

  • The building has 20 elevators (20 passenger capacity) in each floor. One core has a six elevator bank and the other core has a four elevator bank.

  • Four service elevators are located on either ends of each core for easy access for maintenance.

G. Access control

  • Access control at the Entry gate for 4/2 wheelers, pedestrians & visitors.

  • Turnstiles are provided in all floors near to the lift lobbies for clients / staff in and out.

  • Access control is provided at service entries, service lift and staircase lobbies.

H. Exterior - External Cladding Treatment

  • Structural Glazing System, the wall cladding with Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) & Granite and Entrance Lobby glazing with sliding door.

I. Landscape

  • Integrated hard & soft landscape with combination of exotic and indigenous plants.

J. Statutory Approvals

Application submitted/approvals obtained for the following :

  • DTCP Layout approval and MSB Area declaration for IT-SEZ Layout.
  • Planning Permission (PPA) Approval.
  • NOC from AAI (Airport Authority of India).
  • NOC from CRAC (Chennai Regional Advisory Committee).
  • EIA Clearance (MoEF) / TNPCB.